Happy News!!

I am yet again apologizing for not posting for way too long, longer than ever before I think. I do have a good reason though! Guess what…

I’M PREGNANT! WAHOO! I am excited and thrilled! I wanted this for a long time but hubby wasn’t convinced. Well, nature decided to have it’s own way! I’m 3 months along, due December 25. That might be a bad time for most families but as we don’t celebrate anything during the traditional holiday season, worked out fabulously as hubby has two weeks off! YEAH!

I’ve had an ultrasound and everything looks great. I am feeling less pregnancy symptoms than with either of my other two, both boys, so here’s hoping that it’s a girl! But I am looking forward to breastfeeding again and lots of cuddle time the most so makes no difference either way.

Hubby is still a bit ambivalent but my older son, Jameson, 10, is thrilled, he’d been asking for the last couple years. The  little one, Spencer, 4, thinks it’s great but has very little understanding of what is going on. He wants the baby out now and was disappointed when the ultrasound wasn’t a regular colour photo! Probably pretty typical of that age! My family and friends are really happy too. My sister is a doula and will be again for us for this baby. I plan to have  the kids, my BFF and mom there too. Full house! Jameson was present for his brother’s birth and it was great. Spencer isn’t bothered or grossed out by much so even though he is younger, I think he will do just fine.

6 more months seems like such a long time…

5 thoughts on “Happy News!!”

  1. Hi Rebecca, Congratulations on your new little someone to love! Thanks so much for visiting us at the May Arts blog. I appreciate your kind comment.


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