New Subscription Methods

As of today, there is no more Google Reader service. Apparently, I never had it anyway even though I thought I did! Oh well, at least no one has to switch over! The widget I had/have signs you up for Yahoo, NetVibes or Atom. And I’ve always had email subscriptions which work wonderfully and will continue to work just fine. Just be sure to respond to the email you get confirming your subscription because it is a two-stage sign up.

Anyway, I just added a new subscription option that lets you sign up for any reader you like. If you have a reader program, like News Free, on your mobile device, you can use it there too! Just install the program first. It is the big orange ball icon right at the top of my sidebar. The other two subscription options are directly underneath.

Thank you so much for coming back time and again to read my posts and view my artwork. I love all your comments and emails; readers like you make blogging so fun and worthwhile. I know I am a rather sporadic poster, I’m afraid I have to put family first. I know you all understand that. You are all amazing for sticking with me. I hope what I post is worth it! If you ever have any trouble signing up, let me know.

Have an awesome summer!!

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