SAF Sugar Coated Ingredients–Star Hero Card

My son had to have an MRI a couple Fridays ago. He has autism and is now part of a research study. He really didn’t want to do it but I was so proud that he was brave and did it anyway. Afterwards, I asked him if he knew what you call it when someone is scared of something but is brave and does it anyway, especially when it is for other people? Of course he said no. I told him that’s what a hero is. So this is a card for him.

SAF13 sugared shapes

He doesn’t care much about how embellished a card is so I kept it minimal. He will just have fun tearing the strip off. Underneath it says “You are my hero” from the Father Knows Best set. He’s been really trying lately, even destroying a $700 TV this week so I really have to work hard to not resent him for many days at a time. So I was sort of proud of myself that this was the project that came to mind when I saw the video for adding stripes to a die cut.

Enjoy, Rebecca

RECIPE: cardstock, stamps, dies-PTI, glitter-MS

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