I’ve been making a ton of jewelry lately and I thought you might like to see it.

ocean tides necklace

This is my Ocean Tides Necklace. I used a mix of round and bicone crystals and aquamarine chips. Each one is individually added to a head pin with a clear silver lined seed bead then the head pin is finished with a wrapped loop. 8! of these are added to beading wire between each large pearl. Yep, it took a long time to wrap each bead. The back has no wrapped loop beads because they would dig in to my skin too much so it finishes with plain strung beads. I’m entering this in Anything But a Card challenge to make something springy.

rainbow bracelet

This one was made from a kit but I still love how it turned out. I made it for my son’s kindergarten teacher who, when asked, said her favourite colour was ‘rainbows’. So cute!

fan siam briolettes necklace

This one gave me no end of trouble! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the two crystals with gold around them (cup links) to lay the same way! UGH! I finally got it but not without lots of frustration and muttered bad words. But I think it was worth it in the end.

cool tones necklace

I call this one my Mardi Gras necklace. Hubby doesn’t really like it because he thinks the pearls look too much like metallic Mardi Gras beads. They are cheap and so do have a bit more of a metallic look than most pearls so he has a point but I love it anyways. It was inspired by the necklace shown at the beginning of every episodes of Bead, Baubles and Jewels.

garnet swirls bracelet

You may want to click on this one for a better look. I hand made each link in this bracelet. It’s quite tricky to get each one to look the same. I messed up two links while making it but since I am new to this type of wire work, I don’t think that’s too bad. I made the clasp to.

garnet swirls bracelet lasp

This the a hand made clasp I made for this bracelet. I learned to make both the links and the clasp from a book called Artisan Filigree. I highly recommend it. I have a few more pieces but I’m saving them for another day.

Enjoy, Rebecca

5 thoughts on “Jewelry”

  1. Oh, these are gorgeous!! The attention to detail on the ocean tides and the link bracelet is amazing! So glad you joined us at Anything But a Card!


  2. Rebekka I totally love your jewellery. I have been venturing down this path too. Thank you for taking Kimberleys advice and entering it into anything But A Cards Challenge. We love different. When you are tired of Ocean Tides I would love it!


  3. Lovely, lovely Necklaces and bead work! WOW, I am always amazed at this type of art!!! I did come check on you earlier to comment, I have flubbed on the time, or I blame it on the blog!!! I am on 4 other blogs too, so it happens… No big.Love this card!I also think you should link your other art, the oceantides neclace, I think you should link it to this challenge going on right now, and it started the 6th, so you are spot on for the timing, it is ANYTHING But a card!!! Spring…I am not totally sure about jewelry, but send a little message and ask, your work should be seen by more people!! http://anythingbutacard.blogspot.com/Hugs Kimberly!


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