World Card Making Day!


Yeah, I know, I am jumping in the boat at the last minute here. I had a very busy day! But I still have time to add a couple of cards!

mm butterfly grad card

First up is a mixed media card I made for a sewing student of mine. I think this worked pretty well for a teenaged girl considering I don’t have any ‘hip’ dies or stamps to work with. I used pretty stick cardstock paper which held up well to the application of light moulding paste. I used a sketch for this card but it was an older one and I’ve forgotten who designed it. If anyone remembers it, please let me know so I can give credit.

fsc office supplies

Next up is a freestyle collage card. I know, it’s far from perfect but I am still learning this style. I adore it and can’t wait to get better at it! I coloured the wood veneers with Copic marker and used two different colours of thread together which I really liked. Looking at it now, in a photograph, I kinda wish I’d added a small flower to the bottom left of the frame. Oh well, next time.

chevron paste butterfly

This one is a clean and simple mixed media card. The solid butterfly is water coloured and I used a bronze coloured shimmer watercolour for the body. I coloured the homemade texture paste (white paint, white glue and baby powder) with G21 Copic marker refill. Then I flicked the same bronze watercolour paint on the background. I hope you like this one because I am really proud of it.

fire teddy2

So my busy day? I started out (way earlier than I usually do) for the World Breastfeeding Challenge. I donated a set of jewelry and hoped that my baby, who no longer wants milk any time except at night, could be bribed to at least pretend he was nursing. um, yea, nope! Screamed and squirmed during the keynote speakers talk too. Grr! Then I ended up walking through the Farmer’s Market I had forgotten was there and the Mom to Mom sale. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a sale where moms can pay a small fee for a table and get rid of old clothes and toys. Like a mother to mother garage sale.

fire teddy

Then we left and found our local fire station was having Fire Safety Week so we stopped there for a while. He ADORED the fire trucks and the bouncy castle-style slide. He’d still be there if I let him. Then I was so exhausted (may not sound like much but since I am disabled, it’s quite a lot for me) and slept all afternoon! So that’s why my post is so late!

Enjoy, Rebecca

too much to list but just email me if there’s something you’d like to know about.

7 thoughts on “World Card Making Day!”

  1. WOW!! You've been REALLY busy making cards girl! WOW! They are all just amazing!! Who could pick a fav?! TFS!! Happy WCMD!!


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