Stamp-a-Faire Bridal Challenge

One of my favourite parts of Project Runway is when they have a bridal challenge.

saf 15 bridal

I know the photo is kind of dark but I had to take it that way to show the detail.

I hope you are also enjoying SAF. I have lots more to post so I am going to be brief. Please email me for a supply list.

Enjoy, Rebecca

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Hi! I’m a disabled SAHM of three wonderful boys. Married since 1997 to Tim. I love crafts, creating art, sewing, needlework, making jewelry, reading, watching movies and snuggling with my fat tabby cat, Jesse. My boys are all on the autism spectrum so it’s a chaotic but fun life. I live in a small town north-east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s in the middle of corn fields and horse farms while still feeling like a suburb.

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