Water Coloured Flowers for Mom

I am not very good at loose watercoloured florals. I always make them too precise so they don’t look realistic enough. Then I found a photo on Instagram (sadly, I accidentally cropped out the artist’s name) and decided to copy it.

watercolour mom card

My version isn’t exact so it isn’t a copy really. But I did place the same type of flowers in the same places and in the same style. But I plan to use what I’ve learned to come up with my own compositions in the future. I think you can learn a lot by copying especially when in person classes are few and far between or very expensive. This was the perfect mix of loose but not too loose. Each flower or cluster is it’s own separate image and there’s no background to worry about. I loved the Online Card Classes Intermediate Watercolour Class but the last few lessons were too much too soon for me! A hand lettered sentiment and a few sequins from Cartwrights and I was done! The card base is Lemon Tart (PTI) and the watercolour paper is by Windsor & Newton. The paints are a mix of student and artist quality from an old palette.

Enjoy, Rebecca

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Hi! I’m a disabled SAHM of three wonderful boys. Married since 1997 to Tim. I love crafts, creating art, sewing, needlework, making jewelry, reading, watching movies and snuggling with my fat tabby cat, Jesse. My boys are all on the autism spectrum so it’s a chaotic but fun life. I live in a small town north-east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s in the middle of corn fields and horse farms while still feeling like a suburb.

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