Enjoy Your Vacation!

It’s another release day here for Flourishes l.c.! Isn’t this wreath so perfect?
Enjoy your vacation
The set is called Coastal Christmas but like many people, I don’t celebrate Christmas! But that’s OK because this fabulous image can be used any time of year! I added the sentiment with my dip pen calligraphy. It’s far from worthy of this wreath but I’m learning and at least my lettering is no longer embarrassing!
Enjoy your vacation2
The background was done with Copic airbrushing and the wreath was Copic coloured. It’s not as good as my normal colouring as I had to use crappy paper but I think it turned out pretty well considering. I wanted the wreath base to look like some weathered sticks or vines so I did them in a very ashy brown. The rope was coloured with demin blues. I have no idea if you can really get rope that colour but a girl can hope!
The brown shells appear to meld with the background here but IRL they do stand out more. Turquoise and teal were used on the star fish. Again, no idea if that’s realistic but I just don’t care!! I lurve me some aqua, teal and turquoise! But I’m sure that shells come in that lovely peach colour because I own some! All of the shells were coated in a clear Wink of Stella glitter pen which you can especially see on the top middle two shells. Click to enlarge the photo if you wish.
Be sure to hop around and see all the cards the design team has created today!
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Don’t forget, the last person on the hop announces the giveaway!
Enjoy, Rebecca

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