Elegant Congratulations Card

Welcome to another Flourishes l.c. Friday Blog Hop! This week Linda’s theme was to make our sentiment the star.

congrats blue bow

My card uses Christmas Tree as the background! I know, you could never tell right? The first time I laid eyes on it, I could see that it would make a fantastic background stamp! I removed the star and trunk very carefully using a craft knife then it’s basically a big triangle stamp. I don’t celebrate X-Mas so I didn’t worry about needing to reassemble the stamp but you could if need be. Taking the star off also gives me a cool star/snowflake stamp to use! I heat embossed it using clear powder for a beautiful tone-on-tone look.


The sentiment went through a couple of design changes as I attempted to get it to look how I wanted. First I cut it from white cardstock with Stick-It on both sides and from white fun foam. I’ve been wanting to test how the Stick-It works with glitter. My intention was to go with white but then I saw my new Distress glitter! I added two blue glitters in an ombre pattern. However, no matter how well I burnished it, Stick-It really isn’t so good for glitter, especially the chunkier-than-average Distress Glitter! So I was left with a lot, LOT of white space. Ugh, not so pretty! So rather than start over, I tried airbrushing the empty white space! Worked like a charm, yeah me! But when I added glue to the back of the die cut to stick to the card, a lot of glitter came off on my hand while holding it down. Seriously?

Next I covered the die cut in Glossy Accents to keep the remaining glitter on. But that just seemed to make it less glittery. Bummer. I would have started over except the die cut is glued on! oh well, sometimes things don’t work out perfectly but I still think it’s pretty, just not as pretty as it could be. The bow was tied with our Navy 1.25” silk ribbon. Isn’t it stunning? It makes such a lovely fluffy bow! You start by tying a regular bow then knot the tails. This secures the first bow while you tie the second one.

Now it’s time to see all the lovely cards made by our awesome team! If you didn’t start at the Flourishes blog, be sure to start there. Don’t forget to leave comments for everyone as they’ve all worked so hard. And come back on Monday for the first day of our Flourishes’ October release!

Flourishes Blog
Barb Thompson 
Beverly Cole
Linda Lucas
Naomi Gong
Tricia Traxler

Enjoy, Rebecca

6 thoughts on “Elegant Congratulations Card”

  1. Aw I'd love to receive such a card! It looks really pretty and I agree! You could never tell that the background was a christmas tree, I'd never had guessed it, if you had not told us! I really like your cards, they are so creative and beautiful! Thanks for showing them! (chaari @swapbot)


  2. I love the tree stamp. It is so beautiful and elegant. And the boy adds a different touch that you don't always see. Thanks for sharing your work. I enjoyed reading and looking at it. – Peanutsmommy7 from Swap-bot Swap Follow my Blog.


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