Camellia Love Card

It’s that time again! Another month of Flourishes l.c. releases! 5 new stamp sets for you to enjoy. And in case you are paying attention, no, it hasn’t been a month already. We have moved up our releases for November and December to avoid all of the holidays.

fl camellia wm

This gorgeous flower is a camellia. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’d never heard of it before? Perhaps they don’t grow this far north, no idea. They are a woody shrub or tree and have the loveliest rose-like flowers in shades of white, pink and red. But I guess when they are small they can also be an indoor plant because the set below shows one in a pot!

camellia love wm

I hope you  love this set as much as I do. It will be available in the store on Saturday. It really colours up so beautifully and if you usually have trouble figuring out where the shading should be, it’s all figured out for you!

Now, off you go to see all the cards the super amazing design team have created for your enjoyment!

Flourishes Blog
Barb Thompson
Beverly Cole
Linda Lucas
Naomi Gong
Rebecca Ednie –That’s me!
Tricia Traxler

Enjoy, Rebecca

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