Monogrammed Floral Card

Welcome to day 4 of our Flourishes l.c. release. We are revealing two sets today, It’s All In the Details 2 and Art Deco Alphabet.

fl details 2 alpha wm

The Details set includes some lovely frames that work perfectly for small images or the alphabet! There are two of each letter, a left and a right which helps you make monograms with an overall oval look when used together.

its all in the details 2 wm

I coloured in the inner details of my frame and paper pieced the outside. It makes for a very pretty focal point. I’d keep this a secret for the recipient but my best gal pal reads this and will recognize the monogram! I’ll give it to her so she can send it to someone else like you would with monogrammed stationery. BTW, the ribbon matches much better in real life!

monogram alpha wm

Using just the frame and the monograms with the MISTI would be a great way to make quick work of a stationery gift set! The MISTI would allow you to make multiples very quickly. You could add just a touch of quick colouring and you’d be done! You could make notecards and envelopes or if the recipient likes to write a bit more, you could add in some note paper. Oooh, wouldn’t it look pretty with some golf foiling… {Smile!}

Time to hop along to all the super talented design team member’s blogs!

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Enjoy, Rebecca

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Hi! I’m a disabled SAHM of three wonderful boys. Married since 1997 to Tim. I love crafts, creating art, sewing, needlework, making jewelry, reading, watching movies and snuggling with my fat tabby cat, Jesse. My boys are all on the autism spectrum so it’s a chaotic but fun life. I live in a small town north-east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s in the middle of corn fields and horse farms while still feeling like a suburb.

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