Well, that’s a Trick! A Special Shaker Card

I’m pretty much addicted to shaker cards which is a good thing. Otherwise, I’d be drowning in all the sequins, confetti, crystals and gems I buy! The best way to feature them, IMHO, is to make shakers! This week at Crazy 4 Challenges, we were asked to feature a trick of some kind – maybe an interactive card or something with a twist.

c4c 19 trick coloured sequin shaker

So, a pretty boring card right? It’s not bad but certainly not very celebratory. But the trick comes when you turn it upside down and shake the daylights out of it! Then you get…

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c4c 19 trick coloured sequin shaker2

… a riot of coloured sequins and gems! So, how did I do it? The secret is a hidden reservoir of coloured sequins under the ‘Celebrate’ portion of the card! You have to pack the reservoir pretty full so none of the clear and silver stars fall into the bottom. It does takes some serious shaking to get them all out so if you make one, be sure to write a note for the recipient. If the card is light coloured and so is your foam, you can see when you hold it up to the light if you have more shaking to do! I highly recommend this be delivered by hand or only travels flat in a gift box or you could possibly place it upright into a gift bag. Definitely do not attempt to mail a card like this!

c4c 19 trick coloured sequin shaker3

So here is what the foam looks like under the front panel. Originally I added the two horizontal pieces sticking out into the middle to help stabilize the front. But in the end it helped divide the sections which kept the sequins in their correct compartments. I made the reservoir as large as I could while still allowing me to add 1/8″ Scor-Tape to the edges. Making it large mean lots of sequins which then, after shaking, kept the top compartment from looking too sparse. (Dies by PTI, shaker fillers by Little Things from Lucy’s Cards.)

Do you have a trick up your sleeve? Join us over at the C4C blog to get some inspiration and join in our challenge!

Enjoy, Rebecca


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